Sentence Examples

  • This may be associated with mud-eating habits; but it is not wholly certain that this is the case; for in Chaetogaster and Agriodrilus, which are predaceous worms, there is no protrusible pharynx, though in the latter the oesophagus is thickened through its extent with muscular fibres.
  • The male ducts are either one pair or two pairs, which open by a common and complicated efferent terminal apparatus furnished with a protrusible penis.
  • Each testis communicates by means of an efferent duct with a common collecting duct of its side of the body, which opens on to the exterior by means of a protrusible penis, and to which is sometimes appended a seminal vesicle.
  • - A protrusible proboscis exists, but there are no jaws.
  • Lankester as a branch of the Cephalopoda, chiefly on account of the protrusible suckerbearing processes at the anterior end of Pneumonoderma.

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