Sentence Examples

  • So, the question is what colors are best for me?In addition, I was going to order the Bare Essential promo package, but I can't decide which color is best as they all say golden undertones which confuse me.
  • Sometimes you may need to enter or mention promo codes for free Las Vegas hotel rooms when you book your hotel; other times, you may just need to mention the name of the particular offer you wish to use.
  • Discounts and promo deals for certain groups of people may require proof of identification or membership, and many of the best Sea World coupons require online ticket purchases for the biggest savings.
  • He is very active in promoting the show and creates promo videos before each season walking viewers through the location, and taking them behind the scenes to see how the show is made.
  • By taking a look at the promo screenshots released for the original title and comparing them with the screens for Mother 3, it's possible to note some common elements between the two.