Sentence Examples

  • If you want to get a "friend relationship" going with her (probably a good idea before you ask her out) but you're too nervous to speak to her-you need to find a way to shut off that inner monologue that goes "Oh god, here comes dreamgirl.
  • Whether it means running your lines with the family dog, working on body language during your lunch period or doing skits with your friends, try to use free time to improve your performance or to learn a new monologue.
  • During the monologue, Spears (who served as guest host) discussed the gossip while her breasts seemingly took on a life of their own - the monologue was met with applause and laughter.
  • When his blasé remarks were interrupted by an overwhelming monster truck rally-style voice, suddenly his monologue became a dialogue.
  • But the first "Conan Twitter Tracker" segment did just that, first with Conan himself giving a "what's the big deal?" monologue.