Sentence Examples

  • This name did not please those interested in the new product, because existing wrought iron was a low-priced material.
  • Let's turn ourselves in and get a high priced lawyer.
  • They are also used as trade computing machines, as in the case of the machine made by the Computing Scale Company, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. In this machine the goods to be priced are placed on the platform of a small platform machine whose steelyard is adjusted to balance exactly the weight of the platform, levers and connexions.
  • The genuine English "native" is produced in its greatest perfection in the Essex fisheries, and is probably the highest priced oyster in the world.
  • Stall, a common Teutonic word for a place, station, place for standing in; the root is the Indo-European sta -, to stand, seen also in Latin stabulum, Greek QTaOµos, and in stallion, an entire horse, properly one kept in a stall and not worked), a word which means literally a place where one may stand, and so is applied to a separate division in a stable, shed, &c., in which a single horse, cow or other domestic animal may be kept, to a separate booth, bench or table in a market .or other building, or in the street, on which goods are exposed for sale by the person owning or licensed to use the same, and in England to the higher-priced seats on the ground floor of a theatre.

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