Sentence Examples

  • Like most bugs it is totally understandable and, given hindsight, totally predictable.
  • While Valentine's Day is the ultimate romantic holiday, several precautions must be taken when planning a Valentine's Day proposal to avoid cliché or predictable events that lack the spontaneity and individuality of your relationship.
  • This can be a great choice for buyers who need to make smaller, predictable payments during the first years of taking on the mortgage or those who do not plan to stay in the property for more than the fixed amount of time on the loan.
  • As children grow, their shy temperament tends to display itself in predictable ways: for example, in play groups at age seven, shy children play by themselves, while more outgoing children seek to play together in groups.
  • If you're simply looking for a piece of beautiful lingerie that isn't as predictable as a typical babydoll or teddy, selections at specialty lingerie stores, like, aren't likely to disappoint.