Sentence Examples

  • He stood and carried his coffee cup to the sink, pouring out the remains.
  • Beside the altar was a drain (piscina) for pouring away the water in which the communion vessels were rinsed.
  • On pouring a solution of chromous chloride into a saturated solution of sodium acetate, a red crystalline precipitate of chromous acetate is produced; this is much more permanent in air than the other chromous salts and consequently can be used for their preparation.
  • This is the most bitterly criticized action in his career, but no one but the man on the spot can judge how it is necessary to handle a crowd; and in addition one of the princes, Abu Bukt, heir-apparent to the throne, had made himself notorious for cutting off the arms and legs of English children and pouring the blood into their mothers' mouths.
  • P. 230), " treated it like the blood, pouring it out at the base of the altar."

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