Sentence Examples

  • Before Gibbons was out of sight, Dean slumped to the ground, with a look on his face that mirrored both of their disappointment that the man they were pursuing was now aware the two-man posse was closing in.
  • Penalties were imposed upon marshals who refused to enforce the law or from whom a fugitive should escape, and upon individuals who aided negroes to escape; the marshal might raise a posse comitatus; a fee of $10 was paid to the commissioner when his decision favoured the claimant and only $5 when it favoured the fugitive; and both the fact of the escape and the identity of the fugitive were to be determined on purely ex part y testimony.
  • Posse, Die Markgrafen von Meissen and das Haus Wettin (Leipzig, 1881); F.
  • Universis, &c., singulis civibus dare posse; (b) bellum indicere aut pacem inire; (c) to appoint and change magistrates; (d) power of final appeal; (e) power of pardon; (f) raising revenue; (g) coining money" (De republica, vol.
  • The fact is, boys, that sword-fish only began the job; he's come back again with a gang of ship-carpenters, saw-fish, and file-fish, and what not; and the whole posse of 'em are now hard at work cutting and slashing at the bottom; making improvements, I suppose.

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