Sentence Examples

  • Beyond Bolle Tennis Vigilante sunglasses, one can also find premium sunglasses, ski goggles, safety eyewear, military and tactical eyewear, many of which contain the same technological advancements of the Vigilante model.
  • The Bolle Parole contains the same features as the Swisher model but are 10 percent smaller than the Vigilante model and several other Bolle models, making them the ideal frames for athletes with smaller faces.
  • Beyond sunglasses, Amazon also offers the Bolle Black Rubber replacement nose pads for either Parole or Vigilante for $9.99 and Bolle Vigilante replacement lenses (in a variety of colors) for $24.99.
  • Bolle Tennis Vigilante sunglasses sport exceptional advancements in technology that have allowed it to become one of the top rated sunglasses among some of the most well-known athletes.
  • Note that both Bolle Tennis Vigilante sunglasses and Vigilante-Tennis are also available here, for $79.95 and $136.90, respectively.