Sentence Examples

  • Immediately to the south of the fortress was the principal market-place of the town, surrounded by porticoes on its four sides, and hence named the Tetrastoon.
  • The streets, never very wide, became narrower, and the porticoes along their sides were almost everywhere removed.
  • The site was excavated in 1894, and traces of a sacred agora with porticoes and other buildings, as well as the temple, have been found.
  • From this side the sacred precinct of Apollo is approached by an avenue flanked by porticoes, that upon the seaside bearing the name of Philip V.
  • At the north of the precinct was a broad road, flanked with votive offerings and exedrae, and along the boundary were porticoes and chambers intended for the reception of the OEwpiac or sacred embassies; there are two entrances on this side, each of them through extensive propylaea.

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