Sentence Examples

  • In the centre was the Agora of Hippodamus; on the western margin of the Cantharus harbour extended the emporium, or Digma, the centre of commercial activity, flanked by a series of porticoes; at its northern end, near the entrance to the inner harbour, was another Agora, on the site of the modern market-place, and near it the µa?cp l OTOa, the corn depot of the state.
  • The agora is of unsymmetrical form; its sides are bordered by porticoes, interrupted by streets, like the primitive agora of Elis as described by Pausanias, and unlike the regular agoras of Ionic type.
  • Most of these porticoes were of Roman period - the finest of them were erected, as we learn from inscriptions, by a lady named Epigone: one, which faced south, had a double colonnade, and was called the Bai-rn: close to it was a large exedra.
  • It joined with Naples to erect one of the finest porticoes of Constantinople at the time of its construction.
  • Recent excavations have revealed porticoes, a gateway and other buildings, and also the remains of several colossal early statues, the best preserved of which is now in the museum at Athens.

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