Sentence Examples

  • For example, spandex weaves can give better fit and economy of movement, while certain poly pique weaves will wick moisture away from the players' skin, keeping them from overheating in the excitement of the game.
  • There is this focus on honesty on the part of everyone involved that makes some people call it "legalized cheating." I don’t really like that definition, since it lacks the deliberateness that makes poly truly successful.
  • If you don't already believe that TYR Poly Swimsuits are one of the best pieces of equipment an aspiring or professional swim athlete can own, then check out some of these world-class famous athletes.
  • From the floral axis itself, either terminal, as in Poly gonaceae and Piperaceae, or lateral, as in Primulaceae and Compositae.
  • The force which holds chemically dissimilar substances together (and also similar substances as is seen in di-, tri-, and poly-atomic molecules), was introduced by Hermann Boerhaave, and made more precise by Sir Isaac Newton.