Sentence Examples

  • For "the stretcher"), also called Poly Pemon or Damastes, in Greek legend, a robber dwelling in the neighbourhood of Eleusis, who was slain by Theseus.
  • The force which holds chemically dissimilar substances together (and also similar substances as is seen in di-, tri-, and poly-atomic molecules), was introduced by Hermann Boerhaave, and made more precise by Sir Isaac Newton.
  • It appears to be synthesized in the plant tissues from carbon dioxide and water, formaldehyde being an intermediate product; or it may be a hydrolytic product of a glucoside or of a polysaccharose, such as cane sugar, starch, cellulose, &c. In the plant it is freely converted into more complex sugars, poly-saccharoses and also proteids.
  • The Almanach of the following year, 1798, was even more noteworthy, for it contained a number of Schiller's most popular ballads, "Der Ring des Poly-krates," "Der Handschuh," "Ritter Toggenburg," "Der Taucher," "Die Kraniche des Ibykus" and "Der Gang nach dem Eisenhammer;" "Der Kampf mit dem Drachen" following in 1799, and "Das Lied von der Glocke" in 1800.
  • In such ways does the Poly daemonism of early faith survive in the modern practice of religion.

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