Sentence Examples

  • 1-76, and De Corpore Politico, or the Elements of Law, Moral and Politic, pp. 77-228).1 In 1651 2 he published his translation of the De Cive under the title of Philosophical Rudiments concerning Government and Society (E.W.
  • Religious peace was more difficult to secure; in fact politico-religious quarrels dominated all the internal policy of the kingdom during forty years, and gradually compromised the royal authority.
  • There had been much suffering throughout the 17th and 18th centuries; but no one had hitherto thought of a politico-social rising.
  • Among the western Baluba, or Bashilange, a remarkable politico-religious revolution took place at a comparatively recent date, initiated by a secret society termed Bena Riamba or " Sons of Hemp," and resulted in the subordination of the old fetishism to a cult of hemp, in accordance with which all hemp-smokers consider themselves brothers, and the duty of mutual hospitality, &c., is acknowledged.
  • During the politico-religious agitation which preceded the establishment of the Bulgarian exarchate in 1870, a number of Bulgarian youths were sent to Russia to be educated at the expense of the Imperial government; among them was Stambolov, who was entered at the seminary of Odessa in order to prepare for the priesthood.

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