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  • Mrs. Poe registered a few quizzical glances, but didn't ask any more questions.
  • A comprehensive account of such matters as population, industry, commerce, finance, mining, shipping, public works, post and telegraphs, railways, education, constitution, law and justice, public health, &c.,may be found in the following works; all those of which the place and date of issue are not specified are published annually in Madrid: Censo de Ia poblacin de Espana: 1900 (Madrid, 1902, &c.); Movimiento de Ia poblacin de Espana; British Foreign Office Reports (annual series and miscellaneous series, London); Esiadistica general de comercio exterior de Espana con sus provincias de ultramar y potencias extrangeras, formada poe la direccin general de Aduanas; Annual Reports of the Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders (London); Estadistica mineral de Es paPa; Meteoric sobre las obras publicas; Anuario oficial de correos y idegrafos de Es paPa; Situaciin de los ferro-carriles; Anuario de la primera ensePanza; H.
  • A small monument erected to the memory of Edgar Allan Poe stands in the Westminster Presbyterian churchyard, where he is buried; there is another monument to his memory in Druid Hill Park.
  • While poor, morbid Edgar Allan Poe was writing violent and scurrilous articles upon him, accusing him of plagiarism and other literary misdemeanours, he was delivering enthusiastic lectures to his classes on Poe's poetry.
  • After the gift of $500,000 by Andrew Carnegie there were established in 1909 the Andrew Carnegie School of Engineering, the James Madison School of Law, the James Monroe School of International Law, the James Wilson School of Political Economy, the Edgar Allan Poe School of English and the Walter Reed School of Pathology.

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