Sentence Examples

  • These plurals go back to the singular form 'El, the common Semitic name for God; but neither the singular nor the plural is at all common in the inscriptions (NSI.
  • 20 and 30 (mb) had special names; 40-90 were named as if plurals of the units 4-9, as in Semitic. 100, fat; 1000, ~,; 10,000, zb; 100,000, lifnw.
  • Wetzstein derives it from mahir, a corruption of Amasir with its plurals Imazir and Masir, archaic forms of the Berber native name Amazigh, the free.
  • They 3' third persons, the pronominal affixes, the aoristic style of tense, the whole and broken plurals and the construction of the phrase.
  • For these last in ii there exists a plural formation which is more in accordance with the genius of the language, and consists in the suppression of the s before the 1; from aquest, for example, we have now side by side the two plurals aquestos, in the Castilian manner, and aquets.