Sentence Examples

  • Hydrated sulphates of composition CoS04.6H20, CoSO 4.4H 2 O and CoS04 H 2 0 are also, known.
  • The heptahydrated salt combines with the alkaline sulphates to form double sulphates of composition CoS04 M2S04.6H20 (M = K, NH4, &c.).
  • Rend., 1904 seq.) by fractional crystallization of the nickel double nitrates, the ethyl sulphates, and the bismuth double nitrates of the terbium earths.
  • The metals comprising this group are never found in the uncombined condition, but occur most often in the form of carbonates and sulphates; they form oxides of the type RO, and in the case of calcium, strontium and barium, of the type R02.
  • As the atomic weight of the element increases, it is found that the solubility of the sulphates in water decreases.

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