Sentence Examples

  • Who would have known that everyone's favorite pudgy plumber was also a M.D. Mario dons the white coat and all in this game as you manuever around medicine capsules of different colors to clear out the viruses found on the screen.
  • While the Italian plumber has gone on to drive go-karts, play tennis, and even kill off a virus or two, the core appeal always comes back to the main adventure games where he is tasked with saving Princess Peach for the umpteenth time.
  • Sure, Pilotwings 64 was utterly forgettable, but Mario 64 was the first game that featured a three-dimensional environment wherein our favorite pudgy plumber in red overalls could romp around and jump on a goomba or two.
  • Designers got to work by analysing the 'flaws' of Nintendo's mascot, who when stripped to his basic elements is essentially a plumber that jumps on his enemies and slowly progresses through the mushroom kingdom.
  • In a newer home, you may be pretty sure about what you'll find behind the walls, but in an older building, some surprises may require the help of a plumber even after you've burned five or ten hours on the job.