Sentence Examples

  • Its utterances (plebiscite) had the full force of law; it elected the tribunes of the plebs and the plebeian aediles, and it pronounced judgment on the penalties which they proposed.
  • The date of the plebiscite was fixed originally for June II 1920.
  • Obliged to leave the city in 1848, he was restored by the Austrians in 1849; ten years later, on the 10th of August 1859, the representatives of Modena declared their territory part of the kingdom of Italy, and their decision was confirmed by the plebiscite of 1860.
  • The other two provinces (Tacna and Arica) were held for indemnity by Chile after the war of1879-1883with the understanding (treaty of Ancon, March 8, 1884) that at the expiration of ten years a plebiscite should be taken in the two provinces to determine whether they should remain with Chile, or return to Peru - the country to which they should be annexed to pay the other Io,000,000 pesos.
  • (Berlin, 1879); Soltau, Entstehung and Zusammensetzung der altromischen Volksversammlungen, and Die Giiltigkeit der Plebiscite (Berlin, 1884); Huschke, Die Verfassung des Konigs Servius Tullius als Grundlage zu einer rOmischen Verfassungsgeschichte (Heidelberg, 1838); Borgeaud, Le Plebiscite dans l'antiquite.

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