Sentence Examples

  • The privileged 1 For the ethnological problems raised by the relations of populus' and plebs, see Rome: History, § also Patricians.
  • They were the true populus Romanus, alongside of whom grew up a secondary Roman people, the plebs or commons.
  • As new settlers came, as the people of conquered towns were moved to Rome, as the character of Romans was granted to some allies and forced upon some enemies, this plebs, sharing some but not all of the rights of citizens, became a non-privileged order alongside of a privileged order.
  • The Roman patricians, the true Roman populus, appear at our first sight of them as a body democratic in its own constitution, but standing out as an order marked by very substantial privileges indeed from the other body, the plebs, also democratic in its own constitution, but in every point of honour and power the marked inferior of the populus.
  • A series of struggles raised this new people, the plebs, to a level with the old people, the populus.

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