Sentence Examples

  • It is almost wholly in the form of snow; and this snow, melting in summer, is of immense importance to the state, supplying water once for placer mining and now for irrigation.
  • In 1885 the rudest process of "placer" washing produced an export of gold dust amounting to 120,000 pounds; quartz-mining methods were subsequently introduced, and the annual declared value of gold produced rose to about 450,000 pounds; but much is believed to have been sent out of the country clandestinely.
  • The continual poverty which hindered the successful prosecution of the war against the Hussites, and which at times placer Sigismund in the undignified position of having to force himsel, as an unwelcome guest upon princes and cities, had, however, one good result.
  • The placer-miner's cradle and rocking-trough were replaced by puddling troughs stirred by a revolving comb worked by horse power; reservoirs were constructed for the scanty water-supply, bucket elevators were introduced to carry away the tailings; and the natives were confined in compounds.
  • Placer gold was found at the mouth of the creek in 1879, and the city was settled in 1880 by two prospectors named Joseph Juneau and Richard Harris.

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