Sentence Examples

  • Elizabeth had in fact safely piloted England through the struggle to assert its national independence in religion and politics and its claim to a share in the new inheritance Last which had been opened up for the nations of Europe; Eflzabeth.
  • The reformed doctrines were readily accepted in Strassburg about 1523, its foremost champion here being Martin Bucer, and the city was skilfully piloted through the ensuing period of religious dissensions by Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, who secured for it very favourable terms at the end of the war of the league of Schmalkalden.
  • On his return journey he joined a considerable body of emigrants on their way to Oregon and piloted them across the mountains.
  • The bill was drawn and piloted on the lines thus indicated, and became law on the 26th of July.
  • Wade of Ohio, who had piloted the bill through the Senate, in issuing the so-called "WadeDavis Manifesto," which violently denounced President Lincoln for encroaching on the domain of Congress and insinuated that the presidential policy would leave slavery unimpaired in the reconstructed states.