Sentence Examples

  • Ercole, who was the eldest of five children early left orphans, began his education at the Piarist college at Urbino.
  • The most notable churches are St Gotthard (14th century, remodelled in 1782) St Mary, attached to the Piarist college (1655-1658), the chapel of St Lawrence (13th century) and the church of the Holy Trinity belonging to the Franciscan friary (1655).
  • It contains monasteries belonging to the Piarist and Franciscan orders, a Catholic (founded in 1714.), a Calvinistic and a Lutheran school.
  • Among the principal buildings are a Franciscan convent, with a rich library and an interesting collection of antiquities and ecclesiastical objects; a Piarist and a Minorite convent; a handsome new town-hall; and a natural history and historical museum to which is attached a public library.
  • The town hall, the Franciscan church, the Piarist monastery and college, and the theatre are also worthy of mention.

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