Sentence Examples

  • Bladin HC -N (Ber., 1892, 25, p. 183) by the action of acetic)NH anhydride on dicyanophenylhydrazine (formed N: CH from cyanogen and phenylhydrazine), the resulting acetyl derivative losing water and yielding phenylmethylcyanotriazole, which, on hydrolysis, gives the free acid.
  • It undoubtedly contains a keto-group, for it reacts with hydrocyanic acid, hydroxylamine, phenylhydrazine and ammonia; sodium bisulphite also combines with it to form a crystalline compound, hence it contains the grouping CH 3 �CO-.
  • It crystallizes in deliquescent prisms and melts with partial decomposition at 119-120° C. It behaves as a ketonic acid, being reduced in aqueous solution by sodium amalgam to tartronic acid, and also combining with phenylhydrazine and hydroxylamine.
  • They combine with hydrocyanic acid to form nitriles, which on hydrolysis furnish hydroxyacids, (CH3)2C0 -> (CH 3) 2 C OH CN - (CH3)2 C OH C02H; with phenylhydrazine they yield hydrazones; with hydrazine they yield in addition ketazines RR' C:N N:C RR' (T.
  • Posner, Ber., 1901, 34, P. 3975); with hydroxylamine they form isoxazoles, and with phenylhydrazine pyrazoles.

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