Sentence Examples

  • The terminal phalanges of the four outer digits are small, somewhat conical and flattened in form.
  • The first phalanges are expanded at their lower ends, and the wide, depressed middle phalanges embedded in a broad cutaneous pad, forming the sole of the foot, on which the animal rests in walking instead of on the hoofs.
  • Plete, likewise free, finger; the shortened thumb with 2, the index with 3, the third with 4 phalanges; each finger with a curved claw.
  • The hind-limb is typically avine, with intertarsal joint, distally reduced fibula, and the three elongated metatarsals which show already considerable anchylosis; reduction of the toes to four, with 2, 3, 4 and 5 phalanges; the hallux is separate, and as usual in recent birds posterior in position.
  • The terminal phalanges are small and nodular, not flattened on their inner or opposed surfaces, and not completely encased in hoofs, but bearing nails on their upper surface only.

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