Sentence Examples

  • The petiole varies in length, being usually shorter than the lamina, but sometimes much longer.
  • In the larger veins of the leaf especially in the midrib, in the petiole, and in the young stem, a1 extremely frequent type of mechanical tissue is collenchyma.
  • The petiole or leaf-stalk is the part which unites the limb or blade of the leaf to the stem.
  • In Lathyrus Aphaca and some other plants the true pinnate leaves are abortive, the petiole forms a tendril, and the stipules alone are developed, perform ing the office of leaves.
  • - Leaf of an Acacia (Acacia heterophylla), showing a flattened leaf-like petiole p, called a phyllode, with straight venation, and a bipinnate lamina.