Sentence Examples

  • The petiole varies in length, being usually shorter than the lamina, but sometimes much longer.
  • The majority of Mesozoic stems agree in external appearance with those of recent species of Encephalartos, Macrozamia, and some other genera; the trunk is encased in a mass of persistent petiole-bases separated from one another by a dense felt or packing of scaly ramenta.
  • The petiole was usually traversed by a single vascular bundle, hippocrepiform in section - a marked point of difference from the more complex petioles of recent Marattiaceae.
  • The single vascular bundle which traversed the petiole and its branches was concentric, the leaves resembling those of Ferns in structure as well as in habit.
  • - Capitate Gland on the Petiole of Lyginodendron oldhamium.

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