Sentence Examples

  • 46) is made entirely of glass, and is in the form of a paraboloid, having on the top a spherical hole, of such a curvature that all entering rays, r r' r", parallel to the axis, after their reflection on the surface of the paraboloid, traverse the spherical surface perpendicularly and unite in F, the centre of the sphere.
  • The latter are hewn perpendicularly in the rock, while the Roman tombs are chambers excavated horizontally._ In the lagoon itself were found a large number of terra cottas, made of local clay, some being masks of both divinities and men (among them grotesques) others representing hands and feet, others various animals, and of amphorae of various sizes and other vases.
  • If in the interference experiment with Fresnel's mirrors or biprism the slit be illuminated with white light that has passed through a polarizer and a quartz plate cut perpendicularly to the optic axis, it is found on analysing the light that in addition to the ordinary central set of coloured fringes two lateral systems are seen, one on either side of it.
  • This was supplied by Fresnel, who, starting from a mechanical hypothesis, showed by ingenious but not strictly dynamical reasoning that if the incident stream have unit amplitude, that of the reflected stream will be - sin (i - r) /sin (i -{- r) or tan (i - r) /tan (i -{- r), according as the incident light is polarized in or perpendicularly to the plane of incidence i, r, being the angles of incidence and refraction connected by the formula sin i =,u sin r.
  • Pen Caergybi rises perpendicularly from the sea to the height of 719 ft., at some 2 m.

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