Sentence Examples

  • The older road crossed the back of the promontory at the foot of which Terracina stands; in imperial times, probably, the rock was cut away perpendicularly for a height of 120 ft.
  • In this we get a further differentiation between the central tubes (branches of the primitive cell), which run in a longitudinal direction through the body, possess little or no chlorophyll, and no doubt serve to conduct food substances from one region to another, and the peripheral ones, *hich are directed perpendicularly to the surface of the body, ending blindly there, contain abundant chlorophyll, and are the assimilating organs (fig.
  • The equipotential surfaces are two series of ovoids surrounding the two poles respectively, and separated by a plane at zero potential passing perpendicularly through the middle of the axis.
  • For a point in the line OY bisecting the magnet perpendicularly, 0 =42 therefore cos 0 =0, and the point D is at an infinite distance.
  • Drawn perpendicularly to the undeflected needle from its centre of suspension.

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