Sentence Examples

  • Primrose Peerless (Hybrid Narcissi Biflorus) - Similar in habit to N. poeticus, but has creamy-white flowers, two on a scape, and the rim of the primrose corona is scariose but colorless (i.e., not purple).
  • They developed the Peerless line for homeowners that wanted to install their own fixtures, and the sales grew as home centers became more popular.
  • Of N. incomparabilis there are over a hundred named kinds, the best being: Sir Watkin or Welsh Peerless, Gloria Mundi, Queen Sophia, C.J.
  • The king of Japanese mountains is Fuji-yama or Fuji-san (peerless mount), of which the highest point (Ken-ga-mine) iS 12,395 ft.

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