Sentence Examples

  • With Laromiguiere he distinguishes attention as an active effort, of no less importance than the passive receptivity of sense, and with Butler distinguishes passively formed customs from active habits.
  • The male gametophyte is sometimes represented by a transitory prothallial cell;, the two male cells are carried passively down into the ovary and into the mouth of the ovule by means of the pollen-tube.
  • When Duquesne appeared on the 7th of January 1676 near the Lipari Islands, De Ruyter allowed them to get the weather-gage, and on the 8th of January waited passively for their attack.
  • Both powers know by being passively receptive of essence propagated by an efficient cause; but, while in sense the efficient cause is an external object in intelligence it is active intellect (vous Tca iroiEZv) propagating its essence in passive intellect (pas Nevertheless, without sense there is no knowledge.
  • A seed becoming wood, wood becoming coal, &c. A natural substance or body, therefore, is not a heterogeneous compound of essence and matter, but is essence as what it is, matter as able passively to be changed, force as able actively to change.

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