Sentence Examples

  • The deciduous cypress was one of the first American trees introduced into, England; it is described by John Parkinson in his Herbal of 1640.
  • Parkinson tells us that in his time (early in the 17th century) the naked oat was sown in sundry places, but "nothing so frequent" as the common sort.
  • Parkinson, Im Bismarck Archipel (Leipzig, 1887); C. Kinloch Cooke, Australian Defences and New Guinea (London, 1887); J.
  • Parkinson, in his Paradisus (1629), described five varieties of martagon, six of umbellate kinds - two white ones, and L.
  • The larch, though mentioned by Parkinson in 1629 as "nursed up" by a few "lovers of variety " as a rare exotic, does not seem to have been much grown in England till early in the 18th century.