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  • In its systematized form, as a branch of botanical study, it is of recent date, and, as now understood, the subject first received special attention about 1850, when the nature of parasitism began to be intelligible; but many disjointed references to diseased conditions of plants had appeared long before this.
  • Instances of what we may term tolerated parasitism, where the host plant seems to accommodate itself very well to the presence of the Fungus, paying the tax it extorts and nevertheless not succumbing but managing to provide itself with sufficient material to go on with, are not rare; and these seem to lead to those cases where the mutual accommodation between host and guest has been carried so far that each derives some benefit from the associationsymbiosis (see FUNGI).
  • The various degrees of parasitism are to a certain extent explained by the foregoing.
  • Parasitism, &c. Marshall Ward, On some Relations between Host and Parasite, &c., Proc. Roy.
  • In reality, however, the families designated Eproboscidea (Hippoboscidae, Braulidae, Nycteribiidae and .Streblidae), are not entitled to be considered as constituting either a suborder, or even a main division of the Cyclorrhapha; they are simply Cyclorrhapha much modified owing to parasitism, and in view of the closely similiar mode of reproduction in the tsetseflies the special designation Pupipara should be abandoned.

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