Sentence Examples

  • The cylindrical body of Pterotrachaea is paralleled by the slug-like forms of Euthyneura.
  • The Rhine has always exercised a peculiar sort of fascination over the German mind, in a measure and in a manner not easily paralleled by the case of any other river.
  • Imposing columns and pillars of ice were visible everywhere—massive icicles and mounds, built up from the spraying water tapped from the piping that paralleled the penstock.
  • Labrusca, reappears in Japan), and others; an assemblage, as long ago pointed out by Asa Gray, which can only be paralleled in the Chino-japanese region, another centre of preservation of Miocene types.
  • The shaft-graves in the Mycenae circle are also a late type, paralleled in the later Cnossian cemetery.

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