Sentence Examples

  • Form limbs [Pantopoda], would thus consist of eight somites), but to have been gradually reduced.
  • In living Arachnids, excepting the Pantopoda, it is either fused (with loss of its appendages) with the prosoma (Limulus, 1 Scorpio), after embryonic appearance, or is 1 Pocock suggests that the area marked vii.
  • The Pantopoda stand in the same relation to Limulus and Scorpio that Cyamus holds to the thoracostracous Crustacea.
  • - One of the Nymphonomorphous Pantopoda, Nymphon hispidum, showing the seven pairs of appendages I to 7; ab, the rudimentary opisthosoma; s, the mouth-bearing proboscis.
  • The Pantopoda are divided into three orders, the characters of which are dependent on variation in the presence of the full number of legs.

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