Sentence Examples

  • PALMISTRY, (from "palmist," one who studies the palm, and the Teutonic affix ry signifying "art"; also called Chiromancy, from XEip, the hand, and yavreia, divination).
  • One of the oldest of this large family of predictive systems is that of palmistry, whereby the various irregularities and flexion-folds of the skin of the hand are interpreted as being associated with mental or moral dispositions and powers, as well as with the current of future events in the life of the individual.
  • Since the middle of the 19th century, in spite of the enactments of laws in Britain and elsewhere against the practice, there has been a recrudescence of belief in palmistry, and a new literature has grown up differing little in essence from the older.
  • Beamish, The Psychonomy of the Hand (1865); Frith and Allen, The Science of Palmistry (1883); Cotton, Palmistry and its practical uses (1890).
  • At the present day palmistry is practised in nearly all parts of China.

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