Sentence Examples

  • Free palm readings can offer beginners an excellent opportunity to explore the world of palmistry while developing a relationship with their new chiromancy counselor.
  • If you are truly serious about mastering the craft of chiromancy, you would do best to find a professional who is willing to train you.
  • This typically covers the "how" behind the methodology of chiromancy (palmistry).
  • 33).1 While the earlier classical physiognomy was chiefly descriptive, the later medieval authors particularly developed the predictive and astrological side, their treatises often digressing into chiromancy, onychomancy, clidomancy, podoscopy, spasmatomancy, and other blanches of prophetic folk-lore and magic.
  • The influence of a particular planet has also lef t traces in various languages; but the French and English jovial and the English saturnine correspond rather to the gods who served as types in chiromancy than to the planets which bear the same names.