Sentence Examples

  • "Give me the damn light!" she shrieked, her anger overcoming her fear as she grabbed for the flashlight.
  • Dean asked, his curiosity overcoming his desire to distance himself from this woman who was making him increasingly uncomfortable.
  • But it is plain that, once convinced of the necessity for the king's execution, he was the chief instrument in overcoming all scruples among his judges, and in resisting the protests and appeals of the Scots.
  • When a load is lifted, work has to be done in overcoming the action of gravity and the friction of the mechanism; when it is.
  • When electric oscillations are set up in an open or closed electric circuit having capacity and inductance, and left to themselves, they die away in amplitude, either because they dissipate their energy as heat in overcoming the resistance of the circuit, or because they radiate it by imparting wave motion to the surrounding ether.

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