Sentence Examples

  • You must either jump overboard into the sea or be slain with your own sword.
  • A sufficient length of cable to reach the shore or the cable-house is paid overboard and coiled on a raft or rafts, or on the deck of a steam-launch, in order to be connected with the shore.
  • After the " final splice," as it is termed, between these ends has been made, the bight, made fast to a slip rope, is lowered overboard, the slip rope cut, and the cable allowed to sink by its own weight to its resting-place on the sea bed.
  • On the south of the harbour is an obelisk in memory of Captain Skinner, of the steam packets, washed overboard in 1833.
  • Thus, if goods to the value of £soo have been thrown overboard for the general safety, the owner of those goods must not receive the full £ioo in contribution.