Sentence Examples

  • The promontory itself consisted of two parts - the hill of Munychia, and the projection of Acte; on the opposite side of the great harbour was the outwork of Eetioneia.
  • Thick, was found in 1886 running diagonally across the new cemetery, and in 1903 an outwork in front of it was discovered (P. Orsi, in Notizie degli scavi, 1903, 517).
  • During the popular movements of 1831 Marie Louise had to take refuge with the Austrian garrison at Piacenza; on the restoration of her rule by the Austrians its character deteriorated, Parma becoming an outwork of the Austrian empire.
  • By r Soo yds.); on the western, southern and eastern faces the line of defence is almost straight, the only projecting points being the gateways, but on the northern face the contour is broken by a double outwork, consisting of the Ark or citadel, which is built of sundried brick on a high artificial mound within the enceinte, and a lower work at its foot, called the Ark-i-nao, or " new citadel," which extends ioo yds.
  • This succeeded beyond Vauban's own expectation; the picked troops entrusted with the attack of an outwork forced their way into the town itself (March 17th).

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