Sentence Examples

  • A consistent advocate of the protective tariff, he was one of the organizers, and for many years president, of the American Protective Tariff League.
  • They were the Venetians of the Caspian and the Euxine, the organizers of the transit between the two basins, the universal carriers between East and West; and Itil was the meeting-place of the commerce of Persia, Byzantium, Armenia, Russia and the Bulgarians of the middle Volga.
  • With the ferocious fanaticism or the ruthless opportunism of the future organizers of the Terror they had nothing in common.
  • He was one of the organizers and long the secretary of the Church Temperance Society, and founded and was the first president (1884-1899) of the American branch of the White Cross Society.
  • MANUTIUS, the Latin name of an Italian family (Mannucci, Manuzio), famous in the history of printing as organizers of the Aldine press.

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