Sentence Examples

  • In every age economists have applied the methods ordinarily in use amongst scientific men.
  • Regarded without republican sympathies, and in the light of 18th-century doctrines of allegiance, his acts, however severe, in no way deserve the stigma of cruelty ordinarily put upon them.
  • At other times New Orleans has been the capital, and here too have always been various state offices which in other states ordinarily are in the state capital.
  • If Fx is true when, and only when, x is determined to be either 4) or some other propositional function extensionally equivalent to (A, then the proposition F4 is of the form which is ordinarily recognized as being about the class determined by )x taken in extension - that is, the class of entities for which 4)x is a true proposition when x is determined to be any one of them.
  • Ordinarily the sessions were held in the morning, but evening sessions were also frequent, often extending late into the night.

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