Sentence Examples

  • The motion sensitive Wii Remote, or "wiimote" as it is sometimes called, gets gamers to wave their arms around to mimic on-screen movements, rather than simply pressing a button.Easily the most popular game for the Wii is Wii Sports.
  • Among the most notable features are its 5.0 megapixel camera (with video), 3G high-speed connectivity, virtual full QWERTY keyboard, customized on-screen interface, and access to Android Market for thousands of apps.
  • Text entry is performed via an on-screen keyboard, and you can choose between a full QWERTY keyboard (like your computer) or a cell phone-like pad for people who are more comfortable with a text message style entry.
  • According to insiders, despite being under contract, Engen abruptly walked off the show's set after producers insisted his character share an on-screen kiss with Yani Gellman, who plays Adam's gay lawyer, Rafe.
  • Some actors that were not best known for their dancing skills, such as James Cagney and Ricardo Montalban (a fantastic tanguero) were nonetheless influential players in the on-screen history of ballroom dance.