Sentence Examples

  • For a popular but authentic account of some of Lord Rayleigh's scientific work and discoveries, see an article by Sir Oliver Lodge in the National Review for September 1898.
  • 1 Frederic Harrison, Oliver Cromwell, p. 214.
  • Meanwhile the West Indian expedition had been defeated 1 John Morley, Oliver Cromwell, p. 483.
  • By his wife Elizabeth Bourchier, Cromwell had four sons, Robert (who died in 1639), Oliver (who died in 1644 while serving in his father's regiment), Richard, who succeeded him as Protector, and Henry.
  • Of England (1883-1884) and of the Great Civil War (1886), Cromwell's Place in History (1897), Oliver Cromwell (1901), and History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate (1894-1903); Cromwell, by C. H.