Sentence Examples

  • BALDER, a Scandinavian god, the son of Odin or Othin.
  • Henri de Tourville, in his Histoire de la formation particulariste (1903), basing his argument on the Ynglinga Saga, interpreted in the light of " Social Science," reveals Odin, " the traveller," as a great " caravan-leader " and warrior, who, driven f rem Asgard - a trading city on the borders of the steppes east of the Don - by " the blows that Pompey aimed at Mithridates," brought to the north the arts and industries of the East.
  • The argument is developed with convincing ingenuity, but it may be doubted whether it has permanently " rescued Odin from the misty dreamland of mythology and restored him to history."
  • This necklace occurs in the story of the goddess Freya (Frigg), who is said to have caused the battle to conciliate the wrath of Odin at her infidelity, the price paid by her for the possession of the necklace Brisnigamen; again, the light god Heimdal is said to have fought with Loki for the necklace (the sun) stolen by the latter.
  • Honey-dew falls from the tree, and on it Odin hung nine nights, offering himself to himself.

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