Sentence Examples

  • The name polyp was given to these organisms from their supposed resemblance to an octopus.
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio-Numerous individual Einstein products have won the "Gold Award", including the Lullaby Classics CD, the Melody and Motion activity toy and the Baby Einstein hippo, octopus and dragon bath puppets.
  • The Octopus Swim Short Trunk is a bit shorter in length than the other swim trunks we've viewed thus far, but it still keeps its fashionable appearance and convenient details.
  • Some changes were made to make the plot more video game-friendly, some were made because of legal issues (SPECTER is changed to Octopus), and some were changed just because.
  • Through some weird evolution procedure, some little octopus thing comes by and eats them all, but is soon eaten from the inside by one surviving Sea-baby-guy-thing.