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  • In 1884 a royal commission, appointed two years earlier to inquire into the conditions of employment in the colony and certain allegations of " sweating " that had then recently been made, reported that :- " The most effective mode of bringing about industrial co-operation and mutual sympathy between employers and employed, and thus obviating labour conflicts in the future, is by the establishment of courts of conciliation in Victoria, whose procedure and awards shall have the sanction and authority of law."
  • The motions impressed upon the carbon granules are very vigorous, and this together with the particular arrangement of the parts of the instrument is effectual in obviating the difficulty from packing which attended the use of earlier forms of granulated carbon transmitters.
  • Lessons meant to be learned from life situations are grasped more easily, obviating the necessity for harsher routes to learning them.
  • However, it's quite likely that Rasputin would not have gained power over the Imperial couple, thereby obviating the need to assassinate him.
  • One idea is that the power source for such devices should be a MEMS device in itself, thus obviating the need for wires.

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