Sentence Examples

  • In the sphere of the concrete sciences where law obtains only ws Eiri To 7roX6 this ideal of science can clearly find only a relative satisfaction with large reserves.
  • In the inference from phenomena to their non-phenomenal causes, the atoms with their inaccessibility to sense, a different canon of validity obtains, that of non-contradiction.'
  • In a word, as regards discipline, labour, treatment, exactly the same system obtains in the "local" prisons throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Rend., 1908, 147, p. 1046) obtains it by heating thoria in a current of carbonyl chloride.
  • Solitary confinement has neither conquered nor appreciably diminished crime, even where it has been applied with extreme care, as in Belgium, and more recently in France, where it obtains strict and unbroken for long terms of years.

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