Sentence Examples

  • Thought cannot attain to this, for thought reaches only to the nous, and is itself a kind of motion.
  • If they were diverse, he argued, there must exist above them some higher or common element or being, in which case this would be God, nous, or the original matter.
  • Coming to Italy during an epidemic of plague, he was very diligent in tending the sick in the public hospitals at Aquapendente, Cesena and Rome, and effected many miraculous cures by entre nous, a la vie, a la mort."
  • From this contact came Ialdabaoth the Demiurgos, who in turn produced six powers and with them created the seven heavens and from the dregs of matter the Nous of serpent form, from whom are spirit and soul, evil and death.
  • Beginning with the contemplation of corporeal things in their multiplicity and harmony, it then retires upon itself and withdraws into the depths of its own being, rising thence to the nous, the world of ideas.