Sentence Examples

  • The Bombay government was naturally emulous to follow the example of Madras and Bengal, and to establish its influence at the court of Poona by placing its own nominee upon the throne.
  • He preferred to put in a nominee of his own who should be entirely dependent on him.
  • From this point of view Charles's whole Polish policy, which has been blamed so long and so loudly - the policy of placing a nominee of his own on the Polish throne - takes quite another complexion: it was a policy not of overvaulting ambition, but of prudential self-defence.
  • He served as a nominee of the opposition on the committee of twenty-four which was appointed, in the Oxford parliament of that year, to reform the administration.
  • On Louis' death it refused to accept the papal conditions of pardon, and only yielded to Charles IV., the papal nominee, when Gunther of Schwarzburg thought it more prudent to abdicate in his favour.

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