Sentence Examples

  • Line 50 (Hilprecht, Freibrief Neb.); Cun.
  • Mex.; Kiowan, Neb.; Kitunahan, Brit.
  • Dynasty, with interesting sculptures of Neb-hepet Re (the king whose tomb temple at Deir el Bahri was excavated by Naville and Hall for the Egypt Exploration Fund in 1903-7) has been found,.
  • Can., Alaska, Wash., Or., Cal., Ariz., Mex.; Attacapan, La.; Beothukan, Nova North Scotia; Caddoan, Tex., Neb., Dak.; Chimakuan, Wash.; Chimarikan, N.
  • The expressions yr hwn, y neb, " the one," are mistaken for relatives by the old grammarians; the true relative follows: yr hwn a =" the one who."