Sentence Examples

  • 24.3; Nan, A6yos, Ipovjvcs, Eocaia, Duvaµcs; according to Clemens, Strom.
  • The provincial capital is Nan-ch'ang Fu, on the Kan Kiang, about 35 m.
  • YUN -NAN FU, the capital of the province of Yun-nan, China, in 25° 6' N., 102° 52' E.
  • The native dynasty (Ming) which supplanted them established their residence at Nan-king ("South Court"), but this proved so inconvenient that Yunglo, the third sovereign of the dynasty, reoccupied Ta-tu, giving it then, for the first time, the name of Pe-king ("North Court").
  • The whole province is traversed in a south-westerly and north-easterly direction by the Nan-shan ranges.