Sentence Examples

  • Concave Lenses are used in the treatment of myopia or shortsight.
  • Is the measure of the amount of myopia, and this fully correcting glass may be worn in the slighter forms of short-sight.
  • In higher degrees, where full correction might increase the myopia by inducing a strain of the accommodation, somewhat weaker glasses should be used for near work.
  • In cases of myopia or short-sight owing to weakness of the internal recti muscles, the eyes in looking at a near object, instead of converging, tend to turn outwards, and so double vision results.
  • These prisms may be combined with concave lenses, which correct the myopia, or, since a concave lens may be considered as composed of two prisms united at their apices, the same effect may be obtained by making the distance between the centres of the concave lenses greater than that between the centres of the pupils.

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