Sentence Examples

  • Multitasking Ability: Applicants who can multitask - a musician who can also tend bar if necessary, for example - can add value and flexibility to their application, making them more desirable employees.
  • We're always in a rush these days, whether it's because we're running late for work or multitasking several hundred things at once in an effort to just be done with it all a bit quicker.
  • With the increasing complexity of modern life, the pressure to be constantly multitasking, prioritizing, and increasing productivity can increase stress to unbearable levels.
  • This body wash is marketed as "three-in-one" multitasking genius, and it definitely does more than just leave a delicious scent of cinnamon buns lingering in the shower!
  • If you enjoy multitasking and being "hands-on" in several different areas of a company, the general manager's position could be the right fit for you.