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  • Professor Martin long since suggested that a key to the problems of the Arthurian cycle was to be found in a nature myth: Professor Rhys regards Arthur as an agricultural hero; Dr Lewis Mott has pointed out the correspondence between the so-called Round Table sites and the ritual of nature worship; but it is only with the discovery of the existence of Bleheris as reputed authority for Arthurian tradition, and the consequent recognition that the Grail story connected with his name is the earliest form of the legend, that we have secured a solid basis for such theories.
  • LUCRETIA MOTT [[[Coffin|COFFIN]]] (1793-1880), American reformer, was born at Nantucket, Massachusetts, on the 3rd of January 1 793.
  • At thirteen she was sent to a Friends' boarding school, at Nine Partners, near Poughkeepsie, New York, where James Mott (1788-1868), who like her was of old Quaker stock and whom she married in 1811, was then a teacher.
  • In 1810 James Mott entered the employ of Lucretia's father in Philadelphia, but the business was not successful and in 1817 Lucretia opened a small school under the care of the Pine Street Monthly Meeting, but gave it up a year afterwards and in the same year was recognized by the Friends as an "acknowledged minister."
  • About 1840 Mrs Mott also took up the cause of woman's rights.

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